About Us

High 5 Awards is a recognition company that was founded in 1991 by a group of individuals whose focus was to provide high quality recognition at an affordable price, that is quick and easy to use. Recognition is the fabric that holds companies together. We believe that an Employee Recognition program is far more rewarding than most people think.

Why Recognizing Employees is an Investment

By providing employee recognition, you are saying “thank you”.  You are encouraging a positive, productive, and innovative organizational climate. Employees appreciate heartfelt, sincere, specific recognition from their management staff. It makes them feel special and appreciated for their work. And when they feel appreciated, their contribution to the team leads to better results for your company, and sets an example for other employees to model after. Employees who feel appreciated experience more self-worth, and their desire to contribute to the company increases as a result. In the end, you’ve earned a happier and more productive employee who will be less likely to go somewhere else and look for appreciation. You’ve earned a loyal employee.

Employee Recognition is Rarely Seen Anymore

Employee recognition is not a priority because of a combination of several key factors. Employers don’t know how to provide employee recognition effectively, or where to even get a program, so they end up having bad experiences. They also assume that every program is the same and they have no choices when it comes to picking a program.