Employee of the Month Package Deals

Package A

Mission Statement Plaque and 12 Name Tags


Package B

Mission Statement Plaque and 12 Tumblers

$598.99 - $698.99

Package C

Mission Statement Plaque, 12 Tumblers, and 12 Name Tags

$635.99 - $735.99

Pin/Card Package

High 5 Pin/Card Combo


Effective Employee of the Month recognition program makes your employees happier and more engaged in their work. We work harder to achieve the goals when incentives are in place. Employees feel valued and motivated which leads to productivity and commitment to the company. A motivated, concentrated, and loyal employee is an intangible asset.

Every successful business has a mission, goals, and core values that made them successful. Use a combination of all of them to create a family of measures by which you pick your team member who goes above and beyond. it’s great to incorporate the company values into your recognition program. Don’t just recognize when an employee does the obvious, recognize the purposeful ‘attention to the values & execution’ that the worker used in order to achieve it.

The incorporation of a recognition program into your Company’s Operating procedures not only benefits your employees but management as well. Recognition programs bring out the best in individuals and make them stand out. An employee of the month recognition program reduces absenteeism, recruitment costs, and worker turnover.

Worker recognition benefits your bottom line because it maximizes employee retention and loyalty.  A simple thank you or a celebration of an employee’s achievement is all it takes. Your investment in each employee is being returned to you by not having to hire and train new employees.

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